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Friday, March 02, 2012

Build a Better Foundation with a Personal Touch

Everyone's daily nutritional regimen shouldn't be the same. Though adults may share similar intake requirements (RDIs) of essential vitamins/minerals, it's clear that a "one size fits all" approach to daily nutritional supplementation falls short of what many individuals require. For example, it's difficult or impossible to combine significant levels of health-promoting fish oils and beneficial nutrients in the same delivery system, such as a single tablet. But even packet products that combine a daily multi and a concentrated omega-3 supplement may fail to provide forward-thinking foundation nutritionor personalized support.

Consider a new health "insurance" policy. Many traditional multis are "insurance policies" to help meet daily RDIs for essential nutrients, which scientific opinion now suggests may be inadequate support for both wellness and healthy aging. There's a growing recognition of the value of dietary phytonutrients, secondary metabolites of bioactive compounds in plants that help them adapt to stressors and stay healthy. Similarly, phytonutrients have also been shown to support the human body in multiple ways, beginning with their influence at the cellular level to communicate healthy messages throughout the body.

Where most multivitamin/minerals fall short. You may have areas of health that require additional targeted support, such as your joints, bones, blood sugar, or immune system. Men and women in various life stages, such as pregnancy and menopause, also need specialized support. No daily multi or packet product designed for a mass audience can deliver all that.

Try a personalized approach to foundation nutrition. Schedule a visit to learn more about daily supplementation with a convenient and complementary combination of phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals, along with omega-3s and other targeted nutrients to fit your specific requirements.

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