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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Take Nutrition to the Next Level

Nutrigenomic approaches to wellness. Nutrigenomics is the study of how nutrients in food and other plant-derived substances send the body positive signals to help reverse disease processes to promote and restore healthy functioning. In other words, how nutrition can help you reach your genetic potential for their best health possible.

How does it work? Unhealthy or nutrient-poor foods and other negative lifestyle habits can cause the body to send signals that lead to inflammation, compromised function, and over time the development of a number of chronic illnesses. Eating a healthy diet is applying nutrigenomics at a very basic level. Filling in the gaps when needed or enhancing the diet with specific nutritional supplements provides a more personalized nutrigenomics approach.

Take nutrigenomic approaches even further. Certain phytonutrient derivatives have also been shown to offer more targeted influences on specific activities in the body, such as altered kinase (enzyme) signaling that is associated with numerous chronic diseases. The scientists at MetaProteomicsĀ® Reseach Center (the laboratory research arm of Metagenics, Inc.) have tested hundreds of combinations and concentrations of plant substances to determine the most effective applications to safely promote healthy kinase signaling. These novel plant ingredients are called selective kinase response modulators, or SKRMs, which have been shown in laboratory testing to demonstrate positive health influences in uniquely effective and predictably safe ways, such as reducing activities related to pain and inflammation, triglycerides, or blood sugar management. SKRMs are designed to help bring certain kinase signaling back into balance to help restore healthy functioning, and may be found in select nutritional protocols.

Schedule a visit to find out if SKRMs can help deliver a more personalized approach to better health for you.

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