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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Is Stress Giving You The Blues?

When stress goes up, your mood can go down. Stress influences many biological and biochemical processes that begin in the brain and spread through nearly all body systems. When the stress response is triggered, the brain releases chemical messengers known as neurotransmitters that can increase emotional response and influence memory and concentration. While some neurotransmitters have excitatory effects, others are thought to help promote a sense of calm (GABA), happiness (dopamine), and well-being (serotonin).

Chronic stress has been linked to depression, and a number of popular medications are prescribed to manage mood and neurotransmitter function for conditions that may actually be stress-related. Stress can also impair the brain's natural ability to adapt and change (neuroplasticity) to maintain important cognitive functions for more vibrant and independent living as you age.

Get back in balance. Balanced eating, regular sleep, and work/life balance can help reduce the impact of stress and help the brain maintain neuroplasticity. You may also benefit from targeted nutritional supplementation to:

  • Support a balanced stress response to boost stress resilience and help keep your body systems in balance
  • Support a balance of neurotransmitters to maintain a more "balanced" state of mind and a more positive outlook as you age and neurotransmitter production naturally declines
  • Support overall neurological health to keep your brain and the rest of your nervous system in balanced working order

Shake the blues. Schedule an appointment to discuss how stress and other lifestyle factors may be negatively influencing your mood and how simple nutritional support programs can help keep your mind finely tuned and playing happier notes.

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