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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Detoxify for the New Year

January is a great time to "ring out" the old. We often cap off a year of not-so-healthy habits with year-end celebrations featuring decadent foods and libations. Its no wonder that many people start each year feeling worn out and fatigued. These are also signs of a potential overload of internal "junk" you've built up from everyday chemicals and other potentially harmful substances in food, water, and air. Although the body has a natural detoxification process, we often give it more than it can handle.

Unhealthy eating can add to your toxic burden. Even within our body we produce toxins, such as byproducts of impaired digestion and unhealthy eating. It can also cause weight gain, and excess fat makes a comfy hiding place to store what your liver has trouble cleaning out. Year-end pressures at work and emotional stress (and added pounds) from seasonal gathering and preparations can add to this toxic buildup and increase "blue" feelings in January.

Make a clear resolution to feel better. New Year's resolutions to "be healthier" often fail due to a lack of a measurable goal. But there's a simple way to promote good health and feel better while helping your body get back to its top cleansing speed. A 10-day metabolic detoxification program is how many people choose to start the year off rightand help them stay clear-headed and energetic all year long.

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