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gabby martinezThroughout my professional baseball career, I've had access to the very best doctors, trainers and other healthcare professionals. Lisa, without a doubt, is among that elite class—maybe even better. She always finds time to help me and her approach is so effective and a more natural, healthier alternative. I always like to get her perspective on my nutritional health needs.

— Gabby Martinez (Former New York Yankee and professional baseball player, Sports Agent and one of the best hitting coaches in the game)
Unexpected colon resection surgery provided the impetus to examine what could be improved in my diet and nutrition to avoid ongoing or recurring gastrointestinal problems as well as address other health issues, namely early signs of osteoporosis and vitamin D deficiency. In addition to providing nutritional guidelines to enhance my diet for better digestion and colon health, Lisa also recommended a regimen that included medical foods for colon health, calcium and bone-building supplements and vitamin D. I’m happy to report that I have had no further colon “issues”, am no longer vitamin D deficient and fully expect to eliminate prescription medication for osteoporosis – great results for me in a relatively short period of time.

— Pat Cornell (New Canaan, CT)
Lisa clearly understands the science of genetic based nutrition and its role in reversing the aging process. Her expertise and drive to provide her clients with the highest quality nutraceuticals, cutting edge assessment technology and sound based nutritional advice is unparalleled. Her down to earth nature and insightful approach inspires all to want to stay young and be healthy.

— Ian Ziering (Actor)

nin lisa lisiewski ian ziering
I've been a client of Lisa's for five (5) years now and can honestly say she's helped in all aspects of nutrition in my life. Lisa brings a dedication and passion to health and nutrition that is second to none. She sets goals for me that are reasonable and yet very effective. As a husband and father of three young boys, setting a positive example is important to me. Lisa has helped me accomplish goals regarding my weight, energy and even high cholesterol. Lisa has a vast knowledge of safe and reliable products and remains committed to learning about the newest and latest in the field of health, well being and nutrition. Thanks, Lisa; I will be a life long client!

— Chris Berntsen (Trumbull, CT)
Lisa is an exceptional practitioner that excels in developing science based nutritional protocols for her patients that blend traditional and functional medicine. We share many patients and I never fail to be impressed with her work.

— Dr. Joel Evans (Stamford, CT)
Lisa was recommended to me in early February of this year (2012)… and so began a journey that has changed my life. We met for a three-hour consultation, during which we discussed my health issues, including diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol and general physical deficiencies. With Lisa’s guidance, I started on a program she designed to regain my health. In three months time, I no longer have to take diabetes medications (I was on three) or Lipitor. I have lost thirty-three pounds and feel better than I have in thirty years.

While happy with my weight loss, my initial goal was not to lose weight but to combat my diabetes. I have done that, and I feel I have accomplished so much more. With Lisa’s expertise and encouragement, I am now confidant that I can sustain a healthy, well balanced, and drug-free life that provides me with an abundance of energy and greater joy.

— Judy Donohue (White Plains, NY)
When my son was getting married, I felt the pressure to go on a diet. Who doesn’t? I tried weight loss groups – paying week after week - to only eat all the so called “health” bars and packaged food items they sold on my way home. I fell into a rut where I was eating TV dinners, drinking soda and snacking on ice cream. The scale never moved and some weeks it went up. My health wasn’t improving. I was plagued with stomach and multiple gastro-intestinal issues. Then I spoke with Lisa. She gave me a wonderful diet eating whole foods, plenty of vegetables, lean protein sources with a nutraceutical blend to address my gastro-intestinal issues. Within a few weeks, I began to notice how much better I felt….my bloated belly gone. Through Lisa’s careful guidance, we began to tailor my food and supplement regimen utilizing organic foods when possible and only utilizing the highest quality supplements. It has been 2 years since my son’s wedding and I still apply her fundamental teachings and recommendations.

— V. K. (Milford, CT)
I was hospitalized with a GI tract infection. After being released from the hospital with high doses of antibiotics, I knew I needed some nutritional guidance for natural healing. I turned to Lisa Lisiewski, a dietitian-nutritionist, to help me with my nutritional regimen. She put me on a plan to support my overall health, gut, restore my intestinal balance and reduce the inflammation throughout my GI system. My bowel irritation finally was under control. My anti-oxidant levels increased immensely and gave me much more energy than I have had in the past. My scan score was extremely high proving that the high quality supplements were being absorbed into my body. As time went by, I realized that using her plan helped my body heal quicker and I have thus far avoided surgery. My Colonoscopy report from my doctor displayed my intestinal improvement.

I later turned to Lisa when my doctor diagnosed me with osteopenia. She was always available to answer my questions by phone or by emails giving me compassion and encouragement at a very stressful time in my life. She implemented a natural bone building regimen that could be used as an alternative or in conjunction with traditional medical practice.

I am thankful for Lisa’s knowledge and expertise about nutrition and truly grateful that she came into my life to help me discover a natural alternative to achieve optimal health. It is evident to me that incorporating the right nutrition with her guidance and in cooperation with my doctors, the quality of my life changed for the better.

— J. P. (New York, NY)

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