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Testing and Analysis

We use the most up to date, sophisticated and non-invasive technology to assess our client’s nutritional health during a consultation. These are just a few tests we incorporate into our assessment protocol but not necessarily limited to:

Bioelectrical impedance analysis: this assessment takes less than 5 minutes to perform but offers the clinician a wealth of information regarding the health of the client through the analysis of body composition including: the caloric requirements of the patient at rest, cellular health, fat mass, lean body mass, water components by utilizing electrical tissue conductivity. These measureable results provide a baseline and can be utilized in subsequent sessions to track your progress or make adjustments to your given plan.

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Broad spectrum antioxidant testing: in a matter of 2 minutes and utilizing the noble prize winning technology through the use of Resonance Raman Spectroscopy, the scanner is able to measure carotenoid/antioxidant levels in human tissue that provides a basis for one’s immune function defense and their ability to handle free radical damage that is associated with our world’s leading healthcare concerns. This information too can be utilized in future sessions to track your improvement or progress.

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We work with your doctors to review your laboratory data to provide a functional perspective and will request more invasive and sensitive analysis if indicated.

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