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Start The Process

Let Nutrition Inc. Now take you on a journey to better health. But you need to take the first step.

Step 1
Connect. Email or make the call. Let’s have a short discussion of your health concerns or questions. When you opt in to the Nutrition inc now family – you have complete access to Lisa’s nutritional expertise. The solution may be as simple as just a click away or may be more involved and require further consultation which would move you into step 2. Either way, let’s start the process to uncover the root of your nutritional issue.
Step 2
Fill out medical forms. Click here to download. Complete forms and see documents for instructions on how to email back.
Step 3
Your initial consultation will last anywhere from 1 to 3 hours where we will identify your concerns, medical issues and baselines. We will establish realistic goals, and I will design or forward you a customized nutritional regimen that will improve your overall health and well being.
Step 4
You’re on your way. Once you implement my suggestions, we will discuss how we can track your progress. Follow up appointments may be needed and you will be advised how/when to schedule. You will have access to me by phone and email with any questions that may arise.

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